Sous vide technology in the households

Sous vide is a professional, modern cooking method, when the meat is prepared in vacuum, at a low temperature, gently, in an oxygen-free environment. With this process, we can prevent the oxidation of the food and significantly increase their shelf life, as the growth of the bacteria is prevented. The meat cooked with the sous vide method is perfect both in taste and in texture, and the cooking time is reduced from several hours to a few minutes.

The sous vide manufactory

The purpose of the Le GourMate sous vide manufactory is to make sous vide products whose quality rivals with the meals of Michelin star restaurants also for families, and not just for the catering industry. Our company’s important mission is ensure that even housewives can buy our products, which are very quick and easy to prepare, in the highest possible quality and at the best prices.

It is a world tendency that there is less and less time for cooking in the households. In Western Europe, dishes prepared and semi-prepared at a high standard has been used for decades. However, the quality of such frozen food is typically poor, and the housewife is not always proud of the end result, because she might only have microwaved the dinner. All of our sous vide products are completely free from ‚E’ numbers and meet the highest standards; they can proudly be put on the table in front of anyone, from Michelin star chefs to children.

While the sous vide manufactory was designed, the machines of the best restaurants in the world were taken as a basis, and, of course, the technology was designed to make large quantities in excellent quality.

After strict controls, our manufactory has received the world’s two largest and most important food safety certificates, the I.F.S and the B.R.C. Thanks to these two documents, we can now deliver to any country, from Canada to Japan.

The common feature of all the products is that they are made using only highest-quality ingredients. It is very important to accurately follow the recipes; also controlling has an essential role in the plant.


The beginning & The background

Péter Pataky, one of the owners of the plant, has lived in England for more than three years, and graduated from a college there, while he perfected his sous vide skills together with Michelin star chefs.
In 2011, he moved back to Hungary and participated in the opening of the IKON restaurant as a chef. He leads the IKON’s kitchen ever since. Thanks to Péter’s professional experience, the excellent raw materials and the sous vide technology, among other things, IKON is regularly one of the best three countryside restaurants of Hungary.
He and his brother has recently opened a restaurant called Meatology in Budapest, which focuses mostly on high quality meat dishes, where only dishes prepared with the sous vide method leave the kitchen. (

Péter Varga is the other owner of the plant, who has been working in the light industry and trade for 30 years; the Le GourMate brand is a member of his group of companies employing more than 2,000 people.

Fully Served Menu

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Our Products

Recommendations for preparation, product characteristics

Knuckle of pork with garlic


Pack: 70-85 dg knuckle of pork, in vacuum bag


Marinated front knuckle of pork flavoured with garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper, and steamed ready in vacuum. Contrary to the pre-cooked or pre-roast knuckle of pork prepared under the simpler conditions of restaurants, this marinated knuckle of pork, cooked in vacuum, is delicious, salty, and juicy inside, even next to the bone, and can be roasted crispy very quickly. Perfect knuckle of pork experience in just 20 minutes..


Medium-rare pork tenderloin


Pack: 18-22 dg portions, in vacuum bags


Minimally seasoned, even in the inside pleasantly salty pork tenderloin portions heat-treated to perfection. The bags should be put into warm water before use; then the pork tenderloin should be roasted in a hot frying pan quickly. Sprinkle it with little butter or herb butter. Season to taste. If warmed up before baking, it requires no resting.


Lamb shank with rosemary


Pack: 2 lamb shanks, 60-80 dg


The lamb shank is the juiciest meat of the animal, similar to the knuckle of pork. It has been flavoured with garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary and stewed in its own juice for more than 10 hours. It can be oven fried, or even glazed. If you only want to glaze it, heat it in the bag first, then put it into a frying pan with the juice and reduce the gravy with little butter to get a nice and shiny glaze. The juice in the bags can be collected and larger doses of gravy or soups can be cooked from it..


Pork collar steak


Pack: 18-22 dg portions, in vacuum bags


Pleasantly seasoned, slightly garlicky pork collar steaks. The most perfect way to prepare the pork collar. Still slightly pink inside, but even the greasy – sinewy parts are completely cooked through, while the meat remains juicy and tasty. Prepare it this way: just roast crust on the meat slices in a frying pan and season them to taste. If large quantities should be prepared at a time, it can be cooked in the oven at 250 Celsius degrees for 3-5 minutes.


Whole duck sous vide


Pack: 1 -1.5 kg vacuum bag


The duck is put in the vacuum after seasoning, where it is cooked juicy and soft for over ten hours. We recommend baking in an oven preheated to 220 degrees Celsius for 12-15 minutes, until it gets nicely brown.


Country chicken supreme


Pack: 25-30 dg vacuum bag


The chicken breast is put into the vacuum bag after short marinating, where it is heat-treated gently, with proper sterilization. When used, after thawing, roast the skin in a pan for a few minutes to make it crispy. If you want, you can put it in the hot oven for a few minutes, but make sure that it does not dry out.


Goose leg confited


Pack: 45-55 dg vacuum bag


It is relatively difficult to cook the goose leg ideally, because it gets soft slowly, but dries out relatively easily. Modernizing the old and traditional method of softening in fat, the legs are only seasoned with salt and stewed in fat, so they become soft, but the skin will be fantastic crunchy if baked in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 12-15 minutes. The fat and juices in the bag can be used in many ways, the grease should be stored for later use, and the meat juice can be used to make great gravy to the roast.


Pork belly


Pack: 18-22 dg portions, in vacuum bags


The pork belly is the part of the pig which is undeservedly neglected by the domestic restaurants. If the pork belly is properly marinated and slowly cooked under vacuum for a long time, the result will be awesome, crispy meat, which is incredibly soft in the inside. We have flavoured it in Hungarian style, similar to the knuckle of pork. Place the slices under the grill or in a hot oven with their skin-side up. It can be beautifully fried in a pan. If you want quick service, you should put the vacuum bag in warm water before baking/ roasting. You can prepare mustard gravy from the juice in the bag, or it can be added to any soup to enhance the taste.




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